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978 out of 1000 Women Surveyed Find Republican Men More Attractive than Democrat Men

2 things are always true, the sky is blue and Democrats are idiots. A third truth was established recently by a Miami Bulletin survey that proved women find Republican men more attractive than Democrat men. Some of the reasons stated by the 1000 participants were that Republican men are more intelligent, more attractive, very hardworking, and they don’t wear dresses and pretend to be little girls. Women don’t find soy drinking, dress wearing, and victim minded Democrats attractive. Liz Bien participated in the survey and stated, “When I dated a Democrat, we both wanted to wear dresses. It was impossible to dress up because we both wanted to wear the same thing. Also if an intruder broke into our house, his plan would be to tell the robber the house is a gun free zone and pour his latte on the stairs to hope the robber slips on the way up.” While Democrat men continue to argue gender science and get offended, Republican men will continue being the backbone of the United States.

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