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Biden Begins Tearing Down The Mexican Border Wall

President Biden has ordered the destruction of the Mexican border wall. President Biden stated in his executive order, “Hunter is having a difficult time buying cocaine because of the border wall. It’s in the interest of the American people that the wall is dismantled so drugs become more accessible.” The new executive order is meant to allow more illegal immigrants into the country so they can vote in the 2024 election. The Biden administration press secretary told The Miami Bulletin, “Illegal immigrants voting in the 2020 election were a huge help in Biden’s victory. The administration is upping the ante in order to win again in 2024.” The Biden administration is dismantling parts of the wall because Democrat’s with blue hair find it more favorable to have unsafe borders and to allow undocumented criminals into the United States. Biden told The Miami Bulletin, “This is Trump’s wall, the uh the you know…. it’s not fair to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who need to safely pass the wall.”

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