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Bill Gates And Jeffrey Epstein “My Good Buddy”

Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein in 2011-2013 multiple times. Epstein had already been found guilty in 2008 of procuring a child for prostitution, and Gates found no issue in spending time with Epstein. Although Gates told journalists that he had no relations with Epstein, he certainly found no issue in taking photos with him or taking trips to his private island either. What kind of sick bastard thinks it’s ok to be best buddies with a guy who was found guilty of child prostitution? Gates didn’t find any issue in cheating on his wife either. Gates had to become a billionaire to get laid in the first place! The pencil neck dork that Bill Gate’s is, is also fine with hanging around with a registered sex offender who performed sexual acts with minors. This is a parody site, but if you want to look at more official sources please look at the articles linked below.

Image: Epstein’s flight log

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