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California Passes Law that Makes Using the Words Male and Female Hate Speech

California law makers passed the “Genderless Bill” that makes using the words male and female hate speech. All government documents will now provide two options for gender, “thing 1 and thing 2.” In 2023, Californian’s will now have to specify on their tax documents whether or not they’re a “thing 1” or a “thing 2”. Governor Newsom told The Miami Bulletin, “I now identify as a thing 1. I feel like using thing instead of he or she is a much more inclusive way of specifying gender. I’ve instructed the state research teams to determine whether or not adding a ‘thing 3’ option would be more suitable for thing 3’s.” All companies in California have a deadline by the end of October to change their clothing options to the suitable “thing” pronoun. Dick’s Sporting Goods will now sell shoe options for thing 1’s and thing 2’s. The shoes will have no differences because gender equality is the company’s priority, as the deadline to comply with state laws is near.

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