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Chicago Mayor Praises Gangs for Providing Careers to Chicago Youth

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, told city gangsters Tuesday that, “You’re doing a great job. Gang drug income has greatly improved Chicago neighborhoods. Without organized crime in Chicago, our city would not be as great.” The Mayor is taking a soft approach on crime and is encouraging gang members to invest their incomes into real estate. In 5 months, there have been over 1,000 shootings in the Chicago area, but the Mayor says that this is a good thing, “Gang members are a true benefit to the community. They provide jobs for the youth and provide a very lucrative career path.” Chicago is considered the best area for potential gang activity, and it’s ranked #1 on as the best gang environment in the United States of America. All credit is due to Lori Lightfoot and her pioneering stance on crime.

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