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Churches Attacked By Feminists Following Roe v. Wade Decision

Multiple churches have been attacked and vandalized following the Roe v. Wade decision. Leftist marxists screaming, "my fetus my murder" have been burning and damaging churches across the country. Police are searching for over 300 women, all with blue hair, who are suspected to have participated in riots. The Baltimore Police Chief told The Miami Bulletin, "It's really difficult to find suspects because they all have blue hair! Most of them are ugly too so they're hard to differentiate." The FBI is now investigating the following suspected terrorist groups:

  • Uteruses United

  • Free The Nipple Campaign

  • Marxist Moms United

  • Teenage Girls with 15 Instagram Stories or More United

  • Gender Study Majors at UC Berkeley United

  • Dumb Broads Committee with Small Titties United

If you know the whereabouts of any angry liberal blue haired women, please contact The Miami Bulletin at

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