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Disney Announces Transgender Cinderella Movie

Disney revealed their transgender Cinderella movie, showing in theaters August 30th. Disney has transitioned from female Cinderella to male Cinderella, and it’s time for him/her to come out of hiding. The new Cinderella movie will feature hairy legs and many scenes with testosterone supplements present in the background. Disney aims to inspire young children to not be afraid to express themselves and to show the world what their real gender truly is. “It’s okay to be a guy and a girl. Gender is magical, and our Cinderella movies aims to capture that.” The plot follows Cinderella as she…I mean he falls in love with prince charming and escapes the oppression of her conservative father. Disney writers told The Miami Bulletin, “If we’re not indoctrinating children to believe that mental illnesses are normal, then we’re not being progressive enough.”

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