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Donald Trump Announces “I’m going to kick ass in 2024”

Donald Trump makes my heart pump. The man of the hour too sweet to be sour. He eats T-bone steaks and takes women on dates. The guy with the most charm and the biggest arms. He inspires the nation and will control inflation. Lowering gas and kicking communist ass. The guy with all the money and always looks stunning. He’s the Democrats biggest threat and the women’s regret. Golden hair and charisma that’s rare. Going where other’s would not dare, 6’3 and cares about you and me. Diplomacy that not even Xi Jinping can beat. Whether its 2 on 1, 3 on 1, or 5 on 1, he’s going to make all the terrorists pay for 9…1…1. He’s Donald Trump, leaving you only wanting more and he’s going to kick ass in 20…..24.

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