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Donald Trump Tells Russia to Keep Brittney Griner

WNBA player and communist, Brittney Griner, has been sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison for drug charges. Former President Donald Trump spoke to The Miami Bulletin about the situation, “When I was President, I got A$AP Rocky out of Swedish jail within weeks. I even threatened a trade war to get the ‘Purple Swag’ rapper out of jail. I hope Biden doesn’t get Griner out of prison. She’s a communist bas**** who even advocated for removing the National Anthem at the beginning of WNBA games. Tell Russia to keep the broad.” Brittney Griner didn’t stand for the National Anthem in America, but now she doesn't have to worry about standing at all in her tiny prison cell. If anything Brittney Griner should enjoy the Russia prison system, it might make her appreciate America once she finishes her 9 year sentence.

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