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Expert Says Global Warming is a Chinese Conspiracy to Raise Gas Prices

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Expert scientist, Doc Brown, told the world Thursday that, "Global warming is a Chinese conspiracy to hurt the US manufacturing industry." He released a report citing multiple sources of evidence, concluding that the Chinese Communist Party is attempting to weaponize liberal hysteria, "Xi Jinping once said that the more angry blue haired democrats, the better. China wants to use angry men and women, who eat Chinese soy, to disrupt American manufacturing. The polar bears are doing just fine. It's so damn cold in the Artic, they probably enjoy the warmer weather. If I were a polar bear, I would be jumping up and down on my 4 paws for global warming." The report by Dr. Brown makes a strong argument that global warming is a myth. America needs to let the oil wells pump so that the average American can afford gas according to Dr. Brown.

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