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FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago in Search of Hillary’s 33,000 Emails

A special FBI assault team raided the Mar-a-Lago estate Monday in search of Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. The 33,000 emails that were lost when Hillary was Secretary of State, contained classified information that agents are still searching for. The reason for the search was so that the National Archives could collect specific documents that Trump had taken home to his property. Some of the documents may or may not have included some of the 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted. We spoke to one FBI Agent who told us, "We're determined to secure at any cost the emails. In fact we are so determined, we raided Trump's home without warning and without a specific reason other than to secure documents. There's definitely not a witch hunt or anything to be concerned about here. The deep state is definitely not using a government agency to go after political rivals. Trust the government and we will follow the law."

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