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Harvard Study - 80% of Democrat Voters Are Virgins

A new Harvard Study found that 80% of Democrat voters in 2022 are virgins. Researchers searched for an explanation for the rapid increase, and found multiple conclusions. One reason is due to Democrats not knowing what a man or woman is. Democrat men can’t define what a woman is, and are unable to figure out how reproduction works. Another reason is that Democrat men are unfavorable amongst normal women. A normal woman wants a strong man, a prince charming, and Democrat men are highly likely to be weak, victim minded, boys. Democrat women are also unfavorable for normal men because most men are not attracted to blue hair and 20 body piercings. Democrat women are highly likely to be loud, obnoxious, and not hot. The amount of virgin Democrats continues to rise, and researchers are still unsurprised by the growing numbers.

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