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Kim Jong-un’s Sister Gives Birth to Their Child

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, just had his first child with his sister, Kimberly Jong-un. State media told the country Sunday that by the power of the Korean god’s, Kimberly Jong-un had given birth to Kim Jong-un’s son. It is normal practice in North Korea for men to have relations with their sister’s. There is a low female population, and the communist government doesn’t allow fertility to go to waste. The couple named their son John Jong-un, and they hope that the child will be just as ruthless as Kim. Kim Jong-un addressed his nation and told them that his son will bring success to the country, “If he can beat me and put 2 million people in a concentration camp, then he’s done a good job. I’ve launched 207 missiles and starved 53% of my country. He has big shoes to fill.” John Jong-un is expected to be next in line as the dictator of North Korea.

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