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Nancy Pelosi Drunk in Congress

Political grandmas are great entertainment, especially at Thanksgiving. When they hold prominent political positions, it becomes somewhat concerning. Nancy Pelosi's husband was recently arrested for drunk driving, and many speculate that Nancy is also an avid drinker. It wouldn't be unreasonable due to the fact that she can barely speak a full sentence without slurring, or seems completely lost at times like she was at the State of the Union Address. Americans should feel sympathetic for her husband, and understand what drove him (no pun intended) to attempting to escape reality through his own alcoholism. One can't imagine what it would take to be married to an idiotic democrat for 60 years and maintain sanity. On the contrary, one also can't imagine the insanity required to stay married to a woman so out of touch with reality and common sense. If you, the reader, find either hard to imagine, then congratulations because you're certainly much smarter than her husband Paul.

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