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President Trump Announces 2024 Campaign Platform

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

President Trump officially announced his 2024 campaign platform. It lists the following:

  • $2.50 per gallon gas! Who wants to keep paying $5 per gallon?

  • Increase water access to fuel liberal tears

  • Get rid of communist AOC greenhouse gas taxes

  • Disband the FBI

  • Keep the men in the men's bathroom and the women in the women's bathroom

  • Keep Stacey Abrams away from the hotdog stands!

  • Truth Social will be the official social media platform of the POTUS

  • Bomb the shit out of Syria

  • Put Hillary in jail where she belongs

  • Ban transgenders from competing in women's sports

  • Remove CNN from TV because it's communist propaganda

  • Save the unborn babies from being murdered by Democrats

  • Give The Miami Bulletin an official White House press pass

  • Tell Stephen Colbert to kiss my ass

  • Remove the gay pride flags from the White House

  • Finish building the wall

  • Make the liberals cry again after I win

  • Stop Biden from smelling people’s kids

  • End Nancy Pelosi’s career

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