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Taliban Write Thank You Letter To Joe Biden

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The leader of the Taliban, Akmad Bahladine, wrote a thank you letter to Joe Biden for allowing them to take control of Afghanistan. He wrote the following:

Dear President Biden,

Thank you for your support and giving us $7 Billion in military equipment. Muhammad thanks you for your generosity Joe. We have begun to use our country to transport and sell heroine across the Middle East. We couldn’t have done it without you Joe. We have also removed the women from schools and banks. This kind of work for women is haram! We will modernize Afghanistan in your name by making women wear the Nike Hijab 2.0 during the Summer. We will ensure peace in our country by removing Christian and Jewish rights, and throwing the gays off of buildings. Our modernization could not have been executed without Democrat support. Thank you for your generous support Joe.


Akmad Bahladine

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