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Wallstreetbets Trader Loses $545k in One Day on Google Calls

Reddit user Ron Lawrence, age 37, managed to lose $545,000 on May 24 when he bought OTM Google Calls expiring May 27th. He placed 100% of his account on the position and lost 100% on the same day as Google stock declined rapidly following the Snapchat report. The thesis behind his trade was watching a bird outside his window. If the bird flew left he would sell, if the bird flew right he would hold overnight. Unfortunately the bird flew right and Tuesday morning his account was down $545,000 in one day. Since losing his children's college fund, Ron has begun looking into the benefits of trade schools on Reddit forums and will one day convince his children to pursue electrician work. He has also purchased a Daisy BB gun and has vowed to shoot every bird he sees in his backyard.

Source: Reddit/ Wallstreetbets

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